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What We Recycle

We accept, process, and sell recycled aggregate & asphalt and do not accept treaded wood, hazardous materials, nor soil & sod.

Products We Sell

1½" - Minus (WSDOT Gravel Base), Crushed Asphalt, 2"-4" Cobble, Curb Stops, Concrete Barriers & Locking Ecology Blocks.

2"-4" Cobble & 1½" Minus
Crushed Asphalt

Products We Accept and Process

Clean Concrete & Over Sized or Reinforced Concrete, Asphalt, Old Patios / Blocks, & Clean Wood Waste.

Clean Concrete (2'x2' max size - no rebar/mesh)

Products We DO NOT Accept

Soils, Sod, Treated or Painted Wood, Hazardous Materials, Shingles, Toilets or Porcelain Items, Appliances, Glass or Garbage.

Treated Wood
Hazardous Materials
Soil & Sod
Clean Wood Waste (no paint)
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